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The roots of Copper & Stone reach all the way back to my childhood. My poor mom… I don’t think my pockets were ever empty of rocks growing up. I collected them everywhere we went! My love for rocks was only deepened when my uncle bestowed upon me his EPIC mineral collection, all organized and beautiful. Best gift ever. Through the years I expanded it, and was able to give it back to that same uncle’s daughter who had the same love I did, and still do.

Rocks only took second place to my need to create art. You name the medium, I’ve tried it and most likely loved it! From sewing clothing (for Barbies and people) to oil painting, sculpting, even dance for 15 years. I love art in all forms! It’s like air to me.

With this artistic love and encouragement from my husband, Jason, to use pure copper wire for creating the jewelry I personally wanted to wear, Copper & Stone was born. This has become my favorite way to share my love of art and gemstones with you all! Seeing all you Copper Cuties rocking your jewelry, feeling bold, appreciating the natural beauty of the stones and more importantly of yourselves has been the greatest source of joy for me.

I can’t wait to create my next piece just for you!

~ Jessica Rangel

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